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Fit Kit Systems recognizes the importance of a well-dialed bike fit for maximizing comfort, efficiency, and power transfer on every ride. Originally serving bicycle retailers and professional bike fitters, we’ve expanded to empower cyclists of all levels with the knowledge and tools to achieve a personalized fit that feels great.

We offer a comprehensive collection of bike fitting resources and tools designed to deepen your understanding of bike fit and its impact on your cycling experience.

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DIY Products for Cyclists

Explore a curated collection DIY bike fit products and tools like insoles, cleat shims, cleat extenders, and pedal extenders. We even have specialized tools for measuring your bike fit position.  Plus we carry additional bike fitting-related items and sale/clearance items from our fit studio.  These tools and products allow you to fine-tune your fit for optimal comfort and performance.

Explore Our Bike Fitting Blog

To help you enjoy your cycling exploits and adventures to the fullest, we provide in-depth blog posts on a wide range of topics related to bike fit and your relationship to your bike.  We delve into the many questions we receive regularly from cyclists such as cycling cleat maintenance, pre-purchase bike fitting, how to choose a road bike handlebar, cycling cleat positioning and adjustments, a full guide to bike pedal systems, and much much more!

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Take Our Free Online Course

Did you know that Fit Kit is also one of the largest bike fitting educators in the country? We provide introductory and advanced bike fitting courses both online and in person.  Take our free 45 minute course to learn more.

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We provide invaluable information on bike fitting and related topics in both the cyclist’s blog and under the bike sizing & fitting menu. Our robust online store is also chock-full of helpful tools and products.

If you are local to Salt Lake City, Utah we provide bike fitting services via our own company called BikeFitr.

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Professional Bike Fitting Salt Lake City, UT

If you’re located in the Salt Lake City area, consider experiencing a personalized bike fitting session at our dedicated studio, BikeFitr. Our experienced fitters utilize cutting-edge technology to create a custom fit that optimizes your performance.