Find a Bike Fitter

How do you find a bike fitter?  There is a wide range of bike fitting services available, and where you go may depend on the level of service and expertise you need.

Many, but not all bike shops offer some level of bike fitting service. Mostly this is a basic service, but some bike shops have a strong focus on offering a high level pre or post purchase fit service.

There are also independent bike fitting studios which are specialty small businesses focused mostly or solely on bike fitting. Expect a higher level of expertise, technology and problem-solving products.

Bike fitting is also a service offered by some cycling coaches, physical therapists and sports medicine doctors. Clinical fitters like physical therapists will have a stronger emphasis on assessing your movement quality, but may be more limited in adjusting or changing out bike parts.

If you are looking for a fitter who uses a particular technology, or stocks a certain product, or has a specific credential, there will usually be a list of of fitters that brand’s website.  The most popular way to find a bike fitter is to search online, or ask around in your local cycling community.

Fit Kit Systems does not maintain a list of bicycle stores of fitters who are trained in and use our tools.  Instead we encourage you to seek a fitter with broad education and experience, not one who is narrowly focused on one particular technology or tool set.

We do support the efforts of the International Bike Fitting Institute to promote bike fitter education and certification.  You can find a list of IBFI members here on their website.