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Fit Kit Systems manufactures, sources, and distributes bike sizing and bike fitting tools and products, supplies, software, information, and systems for independent bike retailers, bike fitters, outfitters, coaches, physical therapists, and DIY cyclists.

Whether you want to set and record a saddle height, accurately measure an inseam, document XY fit coordinates, transfer bike fitting measurements from one bike to another or keep detailed client bike fitting data, we provide the full suite of tools and products to accomplish efficient and effective bike fitting and bike sizing.

Fit Kit Tools

The Fit Kit Systems body measuring and bike sizing tools are handmade in the USA, and have been refined time and again from over 20 years of use and feedback from bicycle retailers and bike fitters.  Each measuring tool is handcrafted, assembled and calibrated to exacting specifications to ensure that your customer measurements are accurate and reliable.  These craftsman-quality items are designed and built for frequent use and longevity.  Often heavily worn tools can be refurbished at a lower cost than purchasing new ones.

In addition to the traditional body measurement tools, we also offer a more recently developed range of bike measurement and position measurement tools.

bike fitting tools
Veloangle bike measurement tool bottom bracket to saddle measurement

Purposefully-Sourced Bike Fitting Tools

We also represent and offer unique and innovative bike fitting tools from quality, hand-selected manufacturers and bring them together in one place to make it easy to find exactly what you need. You can search by brand in our online store. Many items are intended for professional use, but some are available for end-user and consumer use.  Professional bike fitters and retailers offering fitting services are encouraged to register for a B2B trade account to access additional products and trade pricing where available.

Hand-Selected Bike Fitting Products

We work with multiple bike fitting tool and product manufacturers to provide you or your clients with the most effective equipment and supplies to increase comfort, efficiency, and performance. Every product we carry has an intended purpose and some can be used in conjunction with one another.  Whether you’re searching for cleat wedges, shims, pedal extenders, insoles, or crank arm shorteners, Fit Kit Systems carries all your bike fitting needs under one roof!

cleat key cycling cleat rotation adjustment
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