Fit Kit Studio Release Notes

3.0 October 2022


  • migrated database to better cloud server for improved responsiveness
  • rebuilt entire backend architecture to facilitate ease of upgrades going forward
  • redesigned user interface with new look and sub menu (tab) layout, changing from horizontal tabs to vertical tabs


  • Report format options: US letter and A4
  • Report heading color selection by user
  • Report section selector – to include or exclude report sections
  • Toolbox section
  • HX/HY (handlebar) to Frame reach and stack calculator
  • Frame reach and stack to HX/HY calculator
  • Stem delta calulator
  • Links to handy external resources (websites)
  • Ability to add model year Bike Model data field under bike equipment
  • Data field for mountain bike bar rise (mm)


  • separated out intake notes from sizing report notes
2.0 January 2020
1.0 2017