Fit Kit Systems offers both online education and in-person workshops to learn bike fitting skills. Continually revised and updated, our approach focuses on foundational principles and a systematic process of information gathering, measurement, evaluation and adjustment of the bike-body relationship, with a rider-centric focus. Our curriculum offers a progression of skill development, with a focus on low tech measurement, observation and interaction with the cyclist.


Existing Fit Kit users can find a list of instructional materials and links to resources here, including how to videos for the bike measurement tools, and including downloadable documents for the Fit Kit, RAD and Veloangle.

Online Courses

online bike fit courses

Online courses don’t replace in person courses and hands on practice, but they are a good way to build a knowledge base of theory and principles.  Our online courses focus on introductory topics and foundational skills, as well as course work needed prior to an in person workshop.  Both free and paid courses are available, and the contents are are gradually being expanded.

Fitting School

As one of the first “fitting schools” in the USA, Fit Kit Systems has offered educational workshops on bike fitting theory and practice since the 1980’s. Fit Kit Systems is also recognized as a bike fit education provider by the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI), and involved in the IBFI education committee.


learning bike fitting

In-person workshops are best for getting hands-on practice and feedback when dealing with more advanced bike fit topics.  Currently in-person workshops are available by request, and are not regularly scheduled.

If you have an interest in a workshop designed specifically for an in-house group,