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I just wrapped up a killer 3 day bicycle fit seminar with Fit Kit Systems!  I’m amazed at how working with John has deepened my understanding of fit, design, and the bike/body relationship. I can’t wait to start putting it all into practice. Custom starts with fit!
Julie Ann Pedalino

Owner, Pedalino Bikes

bike fit education
Spent the last two days learning from John at Fit Kit Systems. Very good class and walked away with a great foundation on how to do bike fitting.
Ryan Cook

Owner, Nobel Sports

Off Bike Assessment
I would like to thank you again for the great job you do with your fitting classes. Your hands on workshop and experience on fitting were very helpful.  Even after being in the bicycle business for over 41 years we came away with the added confidence we are giving our customers a correct, comfortable and safe bicycle fitting.  We have already seen great results in bike sales especially in the high end market.  Customers are telling us that our reputation of great service, knowledge of product and proper fit made their decision to buy from us.  I would highly recommend your workshop to everyone in the bicycle business regardless of experience level.
Patrick Emig

Owner, Emig's Bike Shop

The workshop I attended was a great experience, it got me thinking about and re-thinking many things with regard to bike fitting, including my own. The fit I ended with has been great, much more comfortable, with no loss of performance. In fact I’m starting to see some improvement as I get used to the position. It really challenged my thoughts on my own fit, ultimately in a positive direction. Thank you for your help with that. It backs up the use of the Fit Kit measurements I had taken (but not implemented) prior to the workshop as a great starting place.

Jerry H


Coming in I felt prepared but I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the environment, and I thought it was just right for the course.  I really can’t express enough how great it was to be able to talk to people about bike fit in depth for several days in a row and discuss my various questions and what viewpoint I’ve developed up until now.  I tend to learn by summarizing and questioning and I found the format to be ideal for me.  The slides helped for reference but really the learning environment was pretty dynamic and I think you guys should feel good about offering that.

Ian A