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Fit Kit Systems is pleased to announce we will be hosting a series of hands-on, in-person bike fit education workshops presented by Tony Corke: IBFI level 4 member, bike fit educator, and owner of Torke Cycling. Tony is currently one of the leading fit educators working in the UK and Europe. This is the first time Tony will be teaching bike fitting in the USA, so it is an opportunity to get training not commonly available state side.

We will be offering a total of 6 workshops over a two week period.


September 25th to October 6th 2023

Courses will be run from Monday to Friday each week (2 weeks).


Fit Kit Systems office, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City is readily accessible by air from most major US cities, and offers great riding in fall for all types of cycling.  Come for the education and stay for some recreation.


These will be hands on workshops with a maximum of 8 participants.

You may mix and match courses, but either considerable experience as a practicing fitter, or the Body Positioning Course is recommended for specialized topics presented in the second week.



Start Bike Fitting

If you have done no bike fitting before and/or you want to start from the beginning. This two day course course gives you enough of a base to start helping cyclists.

Course Outcome

Give you enough skills and knowledge to immediately start helping cyclists to feel better on their bikes.

Course Length 2 Days     Dates  25 – 26 September 2023

Cost $790


Body Positioning

For those who are already fitting and have already done Start Bike FItting or other courses (SBCU, SICI, Retul, Trek, Shimano, Gebiomized etc) and are seeking to further improve their ability to get the gross position consistently good (cleat, saddle, bar relationships). This course is the foundation stone of good bike fitting and is a precursor for other Torke courses.

Course Outcome Torke Cycling Body Positioning course is designed to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists. This course affords the time to get individuals to a point where they can confidently apply the world’s leading bicycle fitting techniques for positioning the contact points of a bicycle.

Course Length  3 days    Dates 27-29 September 2023

Cost $1150


Week 2

Foot Activation

For dealing with asymmetry, setting up the inside of the shoe. The most effective use of footbeds, wedges, Leg length shims.

Course Outcome Takes confident bike fitters to the Next Level with their foot-pedal interface understanding, leading to even greater improvements for clients.

Course Length 2 days    Dates 2 – 3 October 2023

Cost $790


Saddle Fitting

Course Outcome Understand different saddle shapes and their use, how shape affects position, and a standard process for matching shape and position

Course Length 1 day   Date 4th October 2023

Cost $395


Off road Positioning

How Body Positioning principles relate to Cross/Gravel/Mtb

Course Outcome The bike fitter will learn practical methods for assessing the cyclist’s ability to deal with off road forces as well as techniques for positioning the bicycle to best resolve the challenges for a given kind of off road cycling.

Course Length 1 day    Date 5 October 2023

Cost $395


Aero Preferencing

How Body Positioning principles relate to TT/Tri/Aerobar and high speed cycling

Course Outcome Understand and apply the unique needs of Time Trial, Triathlon, Track and Criterium racers’ positions where aerodynamic drag takes a higher priority in the bicycle fitter’s decision making process.

Course Length 1 day   Date 6 October 2023

Cost $395



You may register for one or more courses.

Click on the registration link for the relevant course.

Deposit required at the time of registration.

Travel and accommodation recommendations will be sent to registered participants.

For questions , please email


Workshop Experiences

I just wrapped up a killer 3 day bicycle fit seminar with Fit Kit Systems!  I’m amazed at how working with John has deepened my understanding of fit, design, and the bike/body relationship. I can’t wait to start putting it all into practice. Custom starts with fit!

Julie Ann Pedalino

Owner, Pedalino Bikes

bike fit education

Spent the last two days learning from John at Fit Kit Systems. Very good class and walked away with a great foundation on how to do bike fitting.

Ryan Cook

Owner, Nobel Sports

Off Bike Assessment

I would like to thank you again for the great job you do with your fitting classes. Your hands on workshop and experience on fitting were very helpful.  Even after being in the bicycle business for over 41 years we came away with the added confidence we are giving our customers a correct, comfortable and safe bicycle fitting.  We have already seen great results in bike sales especially in the high end market.  Customers are telling us that our reputation of great service, knowledge of product and proper fit made their decision to buy from us.  I would highly recommend your workshop to everyone in the bicycle business regardless of experience level.

Patrick Emig

Owner, Emig's Bike Shop