Bike Retailers

Fit Kit Systems can help you incorporate a bike sizing or fitting service into your operation, or to create an independent bike fitting studio.

Fit Kit for bike sizing


Are you clear on the service you want to provide? What resources and skills do you already have? What have you tried in the past? What are your short and mid term objectives, time frames, expectations and budget? If you need assistance fleshing out any of these answers, you many benefit for some consultation.

Hardware and Software

You will need tools and equipment. You won’t need too much to start with. The core equipment set for our approach is the “Fit Kit“, which is the tool set needed to implement the Fit Kit System.

The “Fit Kit” is the hardware. The “Fit Kit System” is the operating process.  It needs a bit of software to be used effectively. This can be a free mobile or web app, or our subscription based web app called Fit Kit Studio that provides for customer record keeping and report generating. Additional bike and body measurement tools will also be recommended.

bikefitting supplies
learning bike fitting

Staff Training

Having the equipment, but without the proper instruction in how to use it will leave you with an under utilized asset and a substandard service. Staff training is necessary and important for effective implementation.

As a minimum you will need to do our courses in “Understanding Bike Sizing” and “How to Use the Fit Kit” Additional courses on bike fitting skills are also available.

Any monkey can buy a wrench. The skill is in knowing how to use it properly.