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Interested in Bike Fitting?

Welcome!  Fit Kit Systems was originally a supplier to bicycle retailers and professional bike fitters only, but we have expanded our catalog and products for direct to consumer purchase by cyclists.  You can also access some of our introductory course material on bike fitting on our online learning platform.

You can find useful information on bike fitting and related topics in both the cyclists blog and under the bike fitting menu, or look for helpful products in our online store.

You can book a bike fit for yourself at our own fit studio in Salt Lake City, called BikeFitr.

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To help you enjoy your cycling exploits and adventures, we write on a range of topics related to bike fit, and your relationship to your bike.

G8 2620 cycling insole
G8 2620 cycling insole


DIY bike fit fixes like insoles, cleat shims, and pedal extenders can be found in our store, along with tools for measuring your bike fit position.  Plus we have some additional fit related items and sale/clearance items from our fit studio.