Adjustable Width Road Handlebar


The Adjustable Width Road Handlebar enables you to quickly test out different bar widths without having to change bars, or stock a tier of different handlebars. For fitting only.

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The Adjustable Width Road Handlebar by Fouriers is a simple but revolutionary product for bike fitters and bike shops to quickly and easily establish proper bar width for cyclists.  Much like the Adjustable Bike Fitting Stem aids bike fitters in finding the right stem angle and length, this complimentary product adds proper and efficient handlebar discovery to your arsenal of bike fitting tools.


  • Save time and increase efficiency
    • The time it takes to remove and add different handlebars adds up quickly and efficiently in bike fitting is imperative
  • Prevent the stripping of stem bolts
    • Fewer handlebar changes equate to less wear and tear on cockpit hardware
  • Reduce space requirements and costs of stocking a tier of different handlebars for fitting only
  • In combination with the adjustable stem this is an ideal combination to replace integrated cockpits during a bike fit
  • Provides a better bike fitting experience
    • Cyclists respect and appreciate the experience of testing without the hassle of waiting
  • Works great for use on size cycles, fit bikes, or your customer’s bike during a bike fit

Features & Specs

  • The Adjustable Width Road Handlebar has:
    • adjustable width from 32cm to 44cm  (center to center)
    • reach of 70mm
    • drop of 125mm
  • Width is adjusted with a 4mm hex tool and a keyhole mechanism locates the bar at the selected width.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions15 × 8 × 8 in


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