PatroCleats Mid-foot Cycling Cleat Adapters – 3 hole ERGO 3

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Overcome the limits of your cycling shoe mounting holes with these cleat adapters for 3-hole cleats.

This is the updated Ergo3 from PatroCleats, also known as Mid-Foot Cycling.


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Do you need to get your feet further forward on the pedals, but cannot move the cleats further back to achieve this?  The PatroCleats Mid-foot Cycling cleat adapters ( 3-hole ERGO3) are the game-changing solution!

Due to the poor design of some cycling shoes, or the underlying nature of their foot structure, people are forced to pedal from their toes.  This may cause pain, discomfort, and a severe loss of power and stability in your connection to the pedals.

Although base plate extenders have long been available for the Speedplay/Wahoo pedal brand to solve this problem, it has not been an option for standard 3-hole cleats like those from Shimano, Look, and Time.  Until now.


  • The PatroCleats Mid-Foot Cycling Cleat Adapters (3-Hole, ERGO3) offer you 10-20mm of cleat/pedal displacement to the rear of the standard cleat mounting holes on your cycling shoes.
  • Free choice of 0-24mm cleat/pedal displacement
  • Provide a greater range of rearward cleat locations than typically available.  This brings your feet further forward on the pedals.
  • The cleat adapter mounts directly to your shoe, and then the cleats are mounted to the adapter.
  • The adapter is a low-profile, curved and machined lightweight aluminum piece with additional cleat mounting holes located in it.


  • Mid-foot cycling cleat adapters move the cleats away from hot spots and potentially eliminate pain from Metatarsalgia or Mortons Neuroma
  • Reduces heel drop
  • Reduces strain on your Achilles tendons which may prevent or reduce tendinitis
  • Spare triathletes’ calves for the run
  • Reduces heel movement and enables a lower seat post and lower drag
  • Pain and/or discomfort reduction for people forced to pedal from their toes due to the poor design of some cycling shoes, or the underlying nature of their foot structure
  • Probably the most cost-efficient upgrade for your bike COMFORT
  • Solves toe numbness and circulatory issues
  • Improved balance and reduced foot pressure

Package Contents

  • 2 PatroCleat mid-foot cycling ERGO3 cleat adapters (3-hole)
  • 6pcs 10mm screws
  • 6pcs 8mm screws
  • 2 shoe-curvature adapters


  • 25g
  • Aircraft aluminum (6061-T6).
  • Silky black anodized.
  • M5 nylon tip lock screw for hex/Allen keys


  • Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL, Speedplay/Wahoo, Garmin, Peloton, Time, Look Delta and Look Keo. (For Speedplay and Wahoo, check the SPPL4 adapters.)
  • Not compatible with Bont Vaypor, Bont Helix, Bont Riot TR, and Lake CX175 + CX176 shoes.

Please watch the instructional video BEFORE installing these, as there are traps for the unprepared!

For additional product setup information and application, see this in-depth review on Road Bike Rider here.

And for a longer-term road test by coach and bike fitter Rick Shultz, see Part 2 of his review on Road Bike Rider here.

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22 reviews for PatroCleats Mid-foot Cycling Cleat Adapters – 3 hole ERGO 3

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Image #1 from George


Excellent product and better fit.

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Image #1 from George
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  1. INCREDIBLE PRODUCT! I have been searching for a solution to the pain in my right foot for a couple of years. The pain typically starts around mile 30 and I could deal with it from anywhere from 35-45 miles. It was very frustrating. I went to the doctor, tried new insoles, tried new shoes. Never did I think I could change my cleat position to mid foot. I saw these on Instagram and decided I had nothing to loose. Rode, 30, then 45 and I couldn’t ever tell I was wearing shoes! Zero pain at all! I’m now eyeing several 100k’s and a Century. From an installation standpoint, I would highly recommend grinding down the screws. I tried washers and it messed up my cleats. Give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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  2. Fit very well to my Fizik boots and leave no gap for dirt to get into really pleased with them

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  3. The system works great so far, workmanship is good and the curve fits my shoes well with the shims included. I do not use a full mid-foot position, but it feels great to have the cleat a bit further back compared with the standard drilling for the shoe. I use Look cleats, and the washers provided are too small for the larger diameter of the Look bolts. So I just got some larger washers from the hardware store; two stacked washers did the trick. Very secure!

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  4. The Mid-Foot cleat adaptors work great to get the cleat in the correct position.

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  5. Installation was easy and helped eliminate my excessive heal drop issue.

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