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Brand: Form

FORM’s 2-hole, MTB Cleat Wedges provide pain relief and increase cycling efficiency through a new, intelligent design that functionally improves upon previous cleat wedges on the market.

Bulk Pack Contains 20 Wedges

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Brand: Form


The FORM MTB Cleat Wedge was developed specifically to overcome the inherent issues found with traditional MTB cleat wedge designs. It is the only anti-crush, anti-rotate MTB specific cleat wedge on the market.


  • Cleat wedges angle the rider’s shoe/foot by means of changing the angle between cleat and shoe
  • A ¾ width design eliminates the thinnest and weakest part of the wedge, preventing crushing.
  • The reduced width allows one side of the cleat to contact the shoe directly, aiding stability.
  • Two downward-facing teeth insert into the cleat retainer slots, preventing wedge rotation on the shoe sole.
  • Highly durable
  • The anti-twist design keeps the wedge and cleat in place even in the most challenging riding environments
  • Each wedge offers 1 degree of tilt.
  • Please note that these wedges are not stackable and if more angle is required they should be used in conjunction with a FORM in-shoe forefoot wedge or  FORM in-shoe Heel Wedge

Cleat Wedge Benefits

  • Reduces pain, discomfort and hot spots
  • Improves knee tracking and alignment
  • Provides better pedaling stability and control
  • Increases cycling performance and enjoyment

Bulk Pack Contents

  • 20 FORM MTB Cleat Wedges


  • The FORM MTB cleat wedge is compatible with all 2-hole SPD type cleats including all popular Mountain and Gravel cycling products
    • Examples
      • Crank Brothers
      • Time Atac
      • Shimano SPD
      • Look X-Track
      • And many many more!

Note: the cleat is 3/4 width, and is secured with only one cleat screw

Additional information

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Dimensions3 × 2 × 1 in


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Category: Wedges

Form 2-hole MTB (mountain bike) Cleat Wedges are NOT stackable and if more angle is required they should be used in conjunction with a FORM in-shoe forefoot wedge or  FORM in-shoe Heel Wedge.

Category: Wedges

Use a single mountain bike cleat wedge and a forefoot wedge inside the shoe. This will give a total of 2 degrees of wedging.