Form MTB Countersunk Cleat Screws (12mm – 20mm) – Bulk Pack



Brand: Form Bike Fitting

Form MTB Countersunk Cleat Screws with different lengths accommodate MTB cleats (Shimano SPD,Time ATAC, Crank Bros) when using leg length shims or cleat wedges.

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Form MTB Countersunk Cleat Screws are made from A4 stainless and with a Torx T25 tightening socket. Not compatible with Look X-Track. Available in multiple lengths to facilitate use with different leg length shims and cleat wedge stack heights.

Features and Benefits

  • Constructed from A4 stainless steel for durability through the cycling elements
  • Compatible with multiple types of MTB pedals such as
    • Shimano SPD
    • Time ATAC
    • Crank Bros
  • Multiple lengths help facilitate use with different leg length shims and cleat wedge stack heights


  • M5
  • Torx 25 head
  • A4 Stainless steel
  • Note: Max tightening torque is 5Nm.


  • Length selectable before adding to cart
    • 12mm
    • 14mm
    • 16mm
    • 18mm
    • 20mm

Package Contents

  • 20 Bolts

Additional information

Weight.33 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 1 in

12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm


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Form MTB Countersunk Cleat Screws (12mm - 20mm) - Bulk Pack Form MTB Countersunk Cleat Screws (12mm - 20mm) - Bulk Pack
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Our Form MTB Cleat Screws use a Torx head design for several key reasons:

  • Increased Torque: Torx heads offer a better driver interface compared to hex heads. This allows you to apply more torque when tightening the screws without stripping the head, ensuring a secure fit for your MTB cleats.
  • Improved Grip: The star-shaped design of the Torx head provides a stronger grip between the driver and screw. This reduces the chance of slippage during installation or removal, preventing damage to the screw or surrounding components.
  • Reduced Rounding: Hex heads are prone to rounding off when over-tightened with an Allen key. Torx heads are less susceptible to this, making it easier to remove the screws even after extended use or exposure to dirt and debris.
  • Ease of Use: Torx drivers tend to center more easily in the screw head, requiring less force to turn. This makes them more user-friendly, especially when working in tight spaces or awkward angles common on bikes.

Overall, Torx heads provide a more secure, reliable, and user-friendly solution for tightening and removing your MTB cleat screws compared to traditional hex heads.