Form Universal 3-hole Cleat Extender Plates


Brand: Form Bike Fitting

The Form Universal 3-hole Cleat Extender Plates provide an enhanced range of cleat positioning options beyond that in the inherent shoe and cleat design.

XPR: Increased rearward cleat position (with a bit of extra side-to-side adjustment)

XPS: Increased side-to-side cleat position (with a bit of extra rearward adjustment)


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Brand: Form


Cleat placement is an important aspect of bike fit, and it is not uncommon for a bike fitter to want to position the cleats in a place not possible due to some combination of shoe design, cleat design, and foot structure.  These innovative cleat extender plates help overcome those limitations and enable increased options for moving the feet further forward over the pedals (cleats move back) or changing the stance width so the cyclist’s feet are closer together or more commonly, further apart.

Form Universal 3-Hole Cleat Extender Plate Options (XPR or XPS)

  • XPR plates enable a more rearward cleat position as the primary adjustment (and a little bit of lateral)
  • XPS plates offer more sideways (medial-lateral) adjustment to increase or decrease stance width as the primary adjustment (and a little bit of rearward).

Specific models in each exist for Shimano and Look cleats.

XPR Features and Benefits

  • Rearward Adjustment: choose from either 12mm or 24mm of additional rearward adjustment
  • Dual Adjustments: Enjoy up to 3mm of additional medial or lateral adjustment along with the fore/aft increase, allowing you to fine-tune your cleat position for a truly customized fit.
  • Improved Stability: Move your cleats back towards the midfoot to reduce the foot’s “lever effect”, promoting a more stable platform over the pedals and a smoother pedal stroke.
  • Hot Foot Relief: By shifting pressure points away from the pedal spindle, the XPR plates can help reduce or eliminate “hot foot,” a common discomfort for cyclists.
  • Reduced Ankle and Calf Strain: Position your cleats further back to reduce demand on ankle and calf muscles, enhancing comfort and performance for endurance riding.
  • Optimal Cleat Placement:  As experts in bike fitting, Fit Kit Systems emphasizes the importance of rearward cleat placement for achieving optimal biomechanics. Research has proven that this positioning enhances cycling efficiency and comfort by promoting a more natural and balanced riding posture.  The XPR extender plate helps achieve this position where standard cleats cannot.

XPS Features and Benefits

The XPS extender plates provide additional medial or lateral adjustment for 3-hole road cleat systems.

  • Increased Medial/Lateral Adjustment (10mm): Depending on how the plates are installed you can increase or decrease the stance width by 10mm. This is more than what can be achieved with inbuilt lateral cleat adjustments and the use of a 2mm pedal washer, but half the amount achieved using pedal extenders.  Perfect for those needing an increase in stance with but not to the amount offered by pedal extenders.
  • Dual Adjustments: They also offer a choice of either standard fore/aft positioning or a 10mm offset to the rear, similar to the XPR.
  • Enhanced Power Transfer: Optimize cleat position with these plates for a more direct connection between your foot and the pedal, leading to improved power transfer and pedaling efficiency.
  • Superior Fit and Comfort: The plates promote better foot contact with the base of the shoe and pedal, resulting in a more secure and comfortable fit.
  • Reduced Knee Pain Potential: Proper cleat alignment can help alleviate medial or lateral knee pain often associated with poor cleat positioning.
  • Increased Frame Clearance: For riders who tend to clip their heels on the frame (frame rub), these plates offer additional clearance, preventing unwanted contact.

XPR and XPS Shared Features and Benefits

  • Universal Compatibility: These plates work seamlessly with all popular 3-hole road pedals, including Shimano SPD-SL and Look KEO systems.
  • Easy Installation: The simple design makes installation effortless, allowing you to quickly adjust your cleat position and experience the benefits.
    Flexible Design: The slightly flexible design ensures compatibility with all road shoes, providing a secure fit and reliable performance.

Stack Height

  • These plates add just 3.5mm of extra stack to your cleat stack height, offering a subtle but effective adjustment for improved comfort and performance.


The FORM XPR and XPS Universal 3-Hole Cleat Extender Plates are designed for use with all popular 3-hole road pedals, including:

  • Shimano SPD-SL
  • Look KEO
  • Other 3-hole road pedal systems

Why Choose the FORM Universal 3-Hole Cleat Extender Plates?

  • Precise Tuning: Achieve a precise and customized fit, maximizing your comfort, efficiency, and power output.
  • Simple Installation: The easy-to-install design allows you to effortlessly adjust your cleat position and fine-tune your riding experience.
  • Enhanced Performance: Experience a noticeable improvement in stability, comfort, and reduced strain on your ankles and calves, leading to a more enjoyable and efficient ride.

What’s in the Box

  • Two plates with M5 T-nut inserts
  • 6 x 8mm and 6 x 10mm base plate screws
  • 6 x 6.5mm cleat screws
  • 6 x 7mm cleat screws
  • 6 x rectangular cleat washers
  • Installation instructions printed inside packaging


  • Made of injection molded high-strength plastic with steel nut inserts for the cleat screws.

4-Hole Wahoo Speedplay Cleat Extender Solutions?

For riders using 4-hole road cleats (e.g., Wahoo Speedplay systems), consider exploring our selection of cleat plates designed specifically for those systems.

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 0.5 in
Select your cleat

Shimano, Look

Select your adjustment

XPR for Rearward, XPS for Stance Width


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  • Enhanced Rearward Adjustment (12-24mm): The XPR provides significant rearward adjustability, allowing you to move your cleats further back for a more powerful pedaling position.
  • Additional Medial/Lateral Adjustment (3mm): Fine-tune your stance width with the XPR’s 3mm of medial/lateral adjustability.


  • Increased Medial/Lateral Adjustment (10mm): The XPS variant prioritizes medial/lateral adjustment, offering a generous 10mm range to ensure perfect foot alignment.
  • 10mm Rearward Offset: The XPS also provides a 10mm rearward offset.

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