Pedal Washers / Spacers – BULK


Brand: Cycling Innovations

These 2.2mm thick Pedal Spacers / Washers are bright and shiny and help bike fitters customize a cyclist’s bicycle fit to increase comfort and ride enjoyment as well as protect carbon cranks from damage.  Bulk pack quantity of 30  (15 pair).

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Brand: Cycling Innovations


Pedal Washers / Spacers are placed between the crank arm and the pedal allow you to customize your bicycle fit.  While the movement is not as large as what is offered via longer axles or pedal extenders, they do provide relief from pain or discomfort cause by too narrow pedal width.

Pedal Washers / Spacers Features and Benefits

  • 2.2 mm width
  • Silver stainless steel
  • Extends stance width
  • Provides relief from pain and discomfort for those that need a wider stance
  • Allow riders to customize their stance width
  • Protects carbon cranks from pedals
  • Reduces heel rub on the chainstays
  • Helps those with larger feet/shoes to move the foot further from the crank and prevents crank rubbing


  • Compatible with all pedals which have a 9/16th axle.
  • Not recommended to use more than one per side to allow sufficient thread inside the crank

What’s in the Bulk Package?

  • 30  (15 pair) of 2.2 mm Universal Bicycle Pedal Washers


Additional information

Weight.18 lbs
Dimensions2 × 1 × 1 in


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