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FORM Speedplay Cleat Extender Plate ML9 Bulk Pack


The FORM ML9 is a replacement Speedplay Extender plate that provides up to 9mm of additional side-to-side adjustment compared with a standard Speedplay base plate.


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GTIN: The MLR618 is FORM's most versatile extender plate, offering up to 18mm of additional rearward adjustment combined with up to 6mm of additional medial or lateral adjustment, compared with a standard Speedplay base plate.
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FORM Speedplay cleat extender plate ML9 Bulk Pack offers riders extra side-to-side adjustability outside the range of the standard Speedplay base plate. With three plate options to choose from, there are multiple configurations for you to explore.  This bulk pack specifically contains 3 ML9 extender plates vs. the single ML9 Pack.

The ML9 is a Speedplay cleat extender plate aimed purely at medial or lateral adjustment (side to side) and provides up to 9mm of additional sideways adjustment compared with a standard Speedplay base plate. Using this plate is a smart way for larger or smaller riders to increase or reduce their stance width on the bike. The plate has two sets of cleat attachment holes, one in the standard position and one in the medial/lateral position.

Features & Benefits

  • The FORM Speedplay Cleat Extender Plate ML9 bulk pack provides an alternative way to change your pedal stance width outside of buying new pedals or adding to the length of the pedal axle.
  • Increase or reduce stance width (Q Factor) for increased comfort in a natural pedaling motion
  • Customize your bicycle fit
  • Improve hip, knee, and foot alignment
  • Can reduce pain, discomfort, or hot spots

Note: The FORM ML9 Speedplay cleat extender plate loses the last 3mm of rearward plate adjustment compared with a standard Speedplay base plate. Use this plate only if you have enough rearward adjustment available on your shoe.  

Box Contents:

  • L & R – 6 plates (3 pair)
  • Base plate screws
  • Cleat screws

Important Notes:

  • This plate is designed to use Torx countersunk screws (provided). Using any other screws could produce compromised results.
  • In some configurations, minor trimming of the blue Speedplay wedges might be necessary to achieve maximum rearward adjustment. This is easily done with a craft knife, drill, or both. 


  • All Speedplay and Wahoo Speedplay Cleats

Other Bulk Cleat Extender Plate Choices

  • FORM MLR618 Bulk – 18mm of rearward adjustment combined with 6mm of side-to-side adjustment
  • FORM ML9 Bulk – 9mm of additional medial/lateral (side-to-side) adjustment

Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 0.5 in
Select your kit contents

PAIR, SINGLE: Left In / Right Out, SINGLE: Right In / Left Out


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