Bike Fitting Solutions for Cyclists

Thanks for visiting.  We offer D.I.Y. bike fitting solutions for cyclists who aim to reduce pain and discomfort, increase efficiency, and maximize performance. 

Insoles, shims, wedges, pedal extenders, crank shorteners, fit position measuring tools, saddles, and more.

Professional fitting and advice is recommended.  However, if you know what you need or wish to experiment yourself, go ahead!

Cleat Placement Adapters

Standard cleats limit your cleat position. Cleat Placement Adapters break those limitations! These innovative tools allow for significantly more backward and lateral movement, empowering you to find the perfect cleat position for a smoother, more comfortable ride. 

Cleat Shims and Wedges

Want to squeeze every watt out of your pedal stroke and eliminate discomfort? Cleat Shims and Wedges are your secret weapon! These precision wedges allow for micro-adjustments to your cleat angle, helping you achieve perfect foot alignment and optimize power transfer. Our selection caters to various needs, addressing leg length discrepancies and fine-tuning comfort.

Pedal Extenders and Spacers

Pedal Extenders and Spacers extend the distance between your pedals, allowing you to achieve a wider, more natural stance. This can improve hip and knee alignment, reducing discomfort and potentially boost your pedaling efficiency and power. 

Insoles and Foot Wedges

Maximize your comfort and power output with our selection of premium G8 insoles and foot wedges. These specialized cycling insoles and in-shoe accommodations offer superior arch support, enhance power transfer through your pedal stroke, and can alleviate common issues like hot spots and foot pain. We offer a variety of options, including supportive insoles, custom wedges, and metatarsal pads, all designed to address different foot types and riding styles. 

Crank Arm Shorteners & Accessories

These innovative adapters attach to your existing crank arms, effectively shortening the pedal stroke. This can improve comfort for riders who struggle with a standard crank arm length, potentially reducing knee strain and allowing for a more efficient pedaling motion. Explore our selection of Crank Arm Shorteners and rediscover the joy of pain-free cycling.


Forget one-size-fits-all saddles. Our saddles are a curated selection meticulously designed and created by experienced bike fitters. We prioritize cyclists’ needs over marketing gimmicks, ensuring each saddle delivers exceptional comfort, support, and power transfer.

Bike Measuring

These specialized tools empower you to accurately measure your bike’s geometry and transfer those measurements to your 2nd or 5th bike. With this knowledge, you can optimize your bike setup for a perfect fit, reducing discomfort and potentially unlocking your cycling potential.

Bike Measuring: Veloangle Accessories

Expand the capabilities of your VeloAngle with these specialized attachments.

Misc Products

This category offers select, high-quality products to elevate your cycling experience. Find the Form Cleat Pick Set, a handy tool for keeping your cleats free of dirt and debris, and the Shimano Ultegra Pedals +4mm, perfect for riders seeking a wider stance and improved power transfer.


Looking for deals on cycling products? Our demo, sale, and clearance items offer amazing deals on the cycling stuff you love.