Bike Fitting Solutions for Cyclists

Thanks for visiting.  We offer D.I.Y. bike fitting solutions for cyclists who aim to reduce pain and discomfort, increase efficiency, and maximize performance. 

Insoles, shims, wedges, pedal extenders, crank shorteners, fit position measuring tools, saddles, and more.

Professional fitting and advice is recommended.  However, if you know what you need or wish to experiment yourself, go ahead!

Cleat Placement Adapters

Cleat Shims and Wedges

Pedal Extenders and Spacers

Insoles and Foot Wedges

Crank Arm Shorteners & Accessories


Forget one-size-fits-all saddles. Our saddles are a curated selection meticulously designed and created by experienced bike fitters. We prioritize cyclists’ needs over marketing gimmicks, ensuring each saddle delivers exceptional comfort, support, and power transfer.

Bike Measuring

Bike Measuring: Veloangle Accessories

Misc Products