Testimonials: Fit Kit System

Read what other Fit Kit users have to say…

“I’ve heard on more than one occasion, after selling a bike to a walk in customer — “I’ve been to three shops and you’re the only one that fit me.” It’s making sales.”

Curt Warner,

Bikefix, Inc, Il

One of the easiest most reliable tools I have ever used. This system is so easy to use and works every time. I can find the right size bike and sell a pair of riding shorts every time just by using the Fit Kit System. People love that we take the extra few minutes when selling a bike to make sure they are on the right size bike. These few simple tools add a level of professionalism to each sale.”

Clint Snell

Pictou County Cycle, Nova Scotia, CANADA


“I want you to know that we are Level 2 BG Bike Fit certified and we still start every fit, in fact we default more than not, to our Fit Kit because it is so easy and quick to use.”


Dean Cromwell,

The Spoke Shop, MT

“We consider the Fit Kit system the foundation of our fitting philosophy. We have used your methodology since 1995 and find it is effective across all disciplines of cycling. I would not have been able to advance my fitting knowledge without the Fit Kit core knowledge base.
We also use advanced fitting tools like the GURU Fit Experience and Dartfish video capture software. These tools are made more powerful by an extensive fitting knowledge base. Without that base, which Fit Kit provides, these advanced programs and tools are not as effective. By combining these advanced tools with our current Fit Kit based protocols we are able to add another dimension of detail and accuracy to our fit service.” 

Chris Richardson

Bike Doctor Waldorf, MD

“I’m LOVING my fit tools. I can’t say how nice it is to have such an easy, repeatable, and above all professional way to take body measurements. I’m still learning of course, but I’m so happy to have everything! Clients really respond well to the system too. It’s so far superior to the old ‘shove a book in the crotch’ method, and I can already see a difference in people’s comfort and trust level with me and the process”  
Julie Ann Pedalino

Custom Framebuilder

“We use the Fit Kit tools at all of our locations to perform a sizing for our customers. We found the tools to be a professional way to get repeatable results. We currently offer fitting at 6 locations, so that we can offer this service in all of our major markets. Fit is a great part of the business, but sizing happens at all locations on all drop bar road bikes, and mountain bikes that have air adjustable suspension.

For us the Fit Kit is used to ensure a quick accurate sizing before a customer goes on a test ride. This extra time spent with a customer ensures they have a good experience on the test ride, and it changes the conversation about selling a bike to finding the right bike for each customer. For those customers that shop the competition it’s been a big differentiating factor when customers come back and ultimately make the purchase from us.” 

Chris Rogers

ERIK'S Bike•Board•Ski, MN

“When my wife and I made the decision to invest in the Fit Kit System tools and training for our shop, we did it because of our firsthand experiences with bad fits.  Some years ago a dealer in town sold both my wife and a friend of ours bikes at the end of the year.  He discounted them fairly deeply and the value would have been great except for the fact that each were sold frame sizes 4cm too large.  I saw it right away with both bikes but didn’t really know how to do a better job other than using manufacturers’ fit guides and confirming adequate stand-over.  After researching several fit systems and protocols we recognized Fit Kit’s potential to guarantee every customer the right size of bike and beyond that, a profoundly positive experience on a bicycle because of a good fit.  We call it sharing the bike love. In many cases people who have been riding recreationaly for years have never experienced joy on the bike because fit was an afterthought.  In our shop we deeply believe and promote fit as the requisite element in finding bike bliss (shiny bits and wooshing sounds help too).  After experiencing the process and results, your customers become true believers and share their enthusiasm for it with friends, family, and neighbors. I never fail to acknowledge the profound value of a good fit and have confidence in my shops’ ability to deliver it with Fit Kit.”  
Kirk Rhinehart

Spindoc, NM

“We’ve been very, very happy with our Fit Kit. We probably made our money back within two weeks of having it. Every person who might buy a bike, we’ve taken them through a Quick Fit. That has been a phenomenal success. We do it too for road bike rentals. People come back regularly to rent from us because they feel like they’re getting the right size. Thumbs way up!”

Chris Kelly

Hollywood Pro Bicycles, CA

“We at Waterford became fans of Fit Kit right from our founding in 1993, because it provides a standard language for describing fit as well as a standard method for taking body measurements. When Chris Nurre took over Fit Kit in the mid-1990s, he brought about another major leap in the fitting process. His updated tools and protocols result in faster, more reliable fits than the original Fit Kit. The result is the most bicycle dealer–friendly fitting system on the market. Part of this evolution has been to update and streamline the protocols to provide the best fit information in the shortest amount of time. What’s more, relatively little training is required to allow a sales person to provide an accurate size recommendation for a stock bicycle fit. Being brand-neutral, the Fit Kit System works with any brand. It also provides an excellent foundation for a custom fit.”

Richard Schwinn

Owner, Waterford Precision Bicycles, WI