Category: Pedal Extenders

As a diligent online shopper, you have probably found bike pedal extenders for dirt cheap on the world’s largest online shopping emporium.  Prices sometimes range from $12-$15.

Why do Fit Kit Systems’s pedal extenders cost 3 or 4 times as much?

  • The design was created by an experienced engineer
  • Our manufacturing is QC’d and reviewed properly to ensure structural integrity
  • We don’t compromise or cut corners on the materials used to save money
  • We thoroughly test our products to ensure they function properly and are safe for you to ride for thousands of miles

You pay more for what you want in every product: confidence, safety, trust, and peace of mind backed up by our brand reputation.  In some products, this may not be as much of a concern but considering the majority of pressure and power on the bicycle go directly to the pedals, it’s certainly not an area you want to take a chance.

Read through the reviews of the cheaper products online and you will find many cases of pedal extenders failing causing injuries to both riders and their bikes.  When you place an extra investment into our pedal extenders, think of it as an insurance premium: pay less and your potential future medical bill may be substantially higher.