About Fit Kit Systems

Fit Kit Systems provides education, tools, and software for use in bike sizing and bike fitting.

What We Do

Fit Kit Systems has developed equipment, software and fitting protocols which have found their way into thousands of bicycle retailers and fitting studios around the world.  Our tools and protocols have been improved and refined over time, and our bike fitting education emphasizes foundational principles and practices through direct measurement, observation and assessment.

In addition to the Fit Kit tools, our online store offers a selection of other popular bike fitting tools and supplies, and our education is moving online to improve access for people around the world.

Our Focus

Our focus is on simple, affordable, and effective.  Our clients include custom frame builders, independent bike fitters, small local retailers, regional and national retail chains, online retailers, cycling coaches and physical therapists.

As well as supplying bike fitters and retailers, Fit Kit Systems offers an increasing catalog of “do it yourself” accessories and components for cyclists, as well as a selection of items on the retail wall of our brick and mortar bike fitting studio, BikeFitr.

The day to day business is run by John Higgins, a full time professional bike fitter with Level 3 certification through the International Bike Fitting Institute.

When you buy from Fit Kit Systems you are supporting a business owned and run by a bike fitter, to benefit other bike fitters, bicycle retailers and cyclists.

Fit Bike seat tube angle
Fit Stick


The business commenced in the early 1980’s and was the first company in the USA to focus on bike fitting. Fit Kit Systems predates Bikefit Systems (now owned by QBP), SICI, FIST, BG Fit (Specialized), Trek Precision Fit, and Retul.

Fit Kit Systems remains a small independently owned and run business and has no affiliation with any bike brand, venture fund, or conglomerate.

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