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how to position cycling cleats

Cycling Cleat Positioning and Adjustments

How to position and adjust cycling cleats is equal parts science, art, and personal preference.  If you have a bike ...
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Fit Kit Studio bike fit sofware

Bike Fitting Apps and Software

Bike fitting apps and software are digital tools that can provide data, data analysis, recommendations, and documentation to assist users ...
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mismatched cleats

Cycling Cleat Maintenance: Inspecting and Replacing your Cleats

Why is Cycling Cleat Maintenance so Important? As a bike fitter, the one piece of cycling equipment I see that ...
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Q factor vs Stance Width

Cycling Stance Width: What is it and Would I Benefit From Less or More?

What is Cycling Stance Width? How far apart your feet are when you pedal a bicycle is referred to as ...
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different crank lengths

Which Crank Arm Length is Best

Crank arm length is an important factor in the relationship between a cyclist and their bike.  The impact of crank ...
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Cracked Saddle Shell close UP Image

How to Know When to Replace Your Bike Saddle

How do you know when it's time to replace your bike saddle?  Is it suffering from fatigue?  Does it have ...
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rider on bike

The Importance of Bike Posture as a Fit Driver

Prelude My first formal exposure to bike fitting was in 2007 while working for a national sporting goods chain in ...
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What you need to know about bike sizing before you buy image

What You Need to Know about Bike Sizing Before You Buy

Are you looking to get a new bike--new for you?  Could be brand new, or used.  Woo hoo!  That’s exciting! ...
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