Form Cycling

Saddles born from experience, crafted for comfort. Drawing on extensive bike fitting expertise, Form Cycling saddles are thoughtfully designed to support a wider range of riders and simplify the fit process. Experience the difference of meticulous craftsmanship and rider-focused design, ensuring every ride is a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Form Cycling offers three exceptional saddles, each designed for a distinct riding style. The Throne RS TI mirrors the feel of the Specialized Power for riders who like a saddle width from 143-155mm. The Throne RS2 TI offers a wider platform (155 – 163mm) for increased support and stability. The Throne GT bridges the gap in width but features a wider nose and a more generous cutout for maximum pressure relief. All Form Cycling saddles are popular among women cyclists for their focus on comfort, particularly with the wider cutouts designed to alleviate genital pressure on long rides.

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