FORM Universal 3-Hole Leg Length Shims – BULK

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Form Universal 3-Hole Leg Length Shims provide bike fitters with the ultimate tool to aid cyclists who need to compensate for leg length discrepancies.  5-Pack bulk options come in either 2mm or 3mm lengths.


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FORM Universal 3-Hole Leg Length Shims are an innovative 21st century design made specifically for cyclists who need to compensate for leg length discrepancies.


  • Creates a more equal leg extension
  • Stabilizes the pelvis
  • Establishes a smoother and more controlled pedal stroke on the shorter side
  • Reduces pain and discomfort


  • A curved shape to facilitate easy fitment to the shoe
  • A chamfered front end to enable easy clip-ins, particularly when shims are stacked
  • A “pinning” system to connect multiple shims or FORM cleat wedges together
    • small pins which are inserted through holes to connect the units
  • Cleat position markers to help with cleat alignment on the shim
  • Made from impact resistant nylon to reduce damage due to repeated clip-ins
  • Can be combined with FORM Cleat Wedges easily to optimize individual comfort
  • Constructed from a tough, impact resistant nylon, the shim is protected against scuffing and hard impacts

Leg Length Shim Usage Criteria

FORM Universal 3-hole Leg Length Shims are used to increase the effective leg length of a shorter leg in cases where a cyclist suffers from a leg length discrepancy. Signs of a discrepancy can be:

  • Overreaching on one side at the bottom of the pedal stroke
  • Pelvis tilted or rider leaning to one side of the saddle to retain connection with the pedals (many times this is apparent in saddle wear on one side more than the other)
  • One leg feeling under-extended whilst the other feels just right

Assuming a rider has been assessed to have a discrepancy, the issues above could be solved with the use of leg length shims.  Leg length shims are also sometimes described as lifts or adding “lift.”

Universal 3-hole Cleat Shim Compatibility

Universal 3-hole Leg Length Shims are compatible with all 3-holed cleats including:

  • Shimano SPD-SL
  • Look style 3-hole
  • Time/Mavic

What’s in the Box?

  • 5 Shims per pack.
  • Available in either 2mm or 3mm thickness

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

2mm, 3mm

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