FORM Universal Varus In-Shoe Forefoot Wedges


The FORM Universal In-Shoe Varus Forefoot Wedge provides 1.5 degrees of varus tilt directly to the forefoot, improving proprioception, foot stability, and control to maximize enjoyment on your bike!

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FORM Universal Varus In-Shoe Forefoot Wedges are designed to be used inside the shoe, between the insole and the shoe itself.  They provide cyclists with a significantly improved feeling of comfort, stability, and control as part of the foot-pedal interface.

Forefoot Varus Wedge Features

Unlike other designs on the market, the FORM Universal Varus In-shoe Wedge is toe-less. The reasons for this are:

  • A toe-less design does not occupy space in the toe box, eliminating the “cramped” feeling that other designs suffer from.
  • With the rider’s toes unelevated, the wedge has extra presence under the ball of the foot, leading to superior proprioception.
  • With no requirement to position the wedge up against the tip of the shoe, it can be positioned far more accurately directly below the ball of the foot.
  • The wedge comes in one size and can be easily trimmed to accommodate different shoe widths.
  • 1.5 degrees of tilt


  • Improved foot fit in the shoe
  • Reduces unwanted foot movement in the shoe which may cause pain, discomfort, and a loss of power
  • Improved proprioception
  • Creates a more controlled environment inside the shoe

What’s in the Box?

  • Pack contains 2 Universal Varus Forefoot Wedges


  • Forefoot wedges can be used for cycling and in other rigid-soled sports shoes (ex. ski boots, speed skates, hockey boots…etc.)
  • May be combined with Cleat Wedges for optimal fit


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